Responsive Testing in the Device Lab

Responsive Testing in the Device Lab

Back in November, we put out a call to local developers to help us build up The Salt Mines Device Lab. Today, we’re reporting on the success of that call by announcing the device lab is officially open for business! If you’re a Central Ohio designer or developer looking to test your design, web site, or application out on a range of Internet-connected devices, we invite you to stop in and put your work through their paces in our lab. In fact, we’ve been putting the lab to good use ourselves.

Yesterday, we launched a slightly redesigned version of The Salt Mines site, with a much greater focus on the site’s responsive layout. The original site didn’t behave very well when used on a lot of mobile platforms, and the device lab really helped us track down and correct a lot of these problems so that the site looks great no matter what size screen you have.

And our device lab has a lot of screens. Thanks to the donations of several local developers, as well as some generous hardware manufacturers, The Salt Mines Device Lab is up to thirteen unique mobile devices spanning across iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms. Specifically, here’s what we have in the lab, available to any local developer or designer to test with:

DeviceOSResolutionContributed By
Amazon Kindle FireAndroid 2.3600 x 819 / 1024 x 395Team Soell
Amazon Kindle Touch Wi-FiKindle 5.1.2600 x 800Team Soell
Apple iPad (1st generation)iOS 5.1.1768 x 1024Team Soell
Apple iPad (4th generation)iOS 7.1768 x 1024 @ 2xAnecka
Apple iPhone 3GSiOS 5.1.1320 x 480Shirlene Newbanks
Apple iPhone 4iOS 6.1.3320 x 480 @2xTeam Soell
Apple iPhone 4siOS 7.0.4320 x 480 @2xTeam Soell
Apple TV (3rd generation)Apple TV OS 6.01080p / 720pTeam Soell
BlackBerry Curve 8320BlackBerry OS 4.5320 x 240Team Soell
BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha BBlackBerry OS
BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha CBlackBerry OS x 609BlackBerry
BlackBerry PlaybookBlackBerry Tablet OS x 1024BlackBerry
BlackBerry Z10BlackBerry OS
Google Chromecast1080p / 720p
Galaxy NexusAndroid 4.3720 x 1280Josh Boles
Google Nexus 4Android 4.4.2384 x 519 @2xRory Garand
Google Nexus 5Android 4.4.21920 x 1080Coming Soon!
Google Nexus 7Android 4.4.21920 x 1200Device Lab Supporters
HTC Evo 3DAndroid 4.0.3960 x 540Visible
HTC InspireAndroid 2.3.7320 x 508 @1.5xRory Garand
HTC myTouch 4GAndroid 2.1320 x 480Josh Boles
HTC OneAndroid 4.4.21920 x 1080Coming Soon! - via We Are Glitterati
HTC Sensation 4GAndroid 2.3.4540 x 960Josh Boles
Leap MotionLeap Motion
Nintendo DS LiteNintendo OS256 x 384Team Soell
Nokia Lumia 520Windows Phone 8480 x 800
Nokia Lumia 800Windows Phone 7.8480 x 800Microsoft
OUYAAndroid 4.11080p / 720pOUYA Developers
Raspberry Pi Model B
Samsung Galaxy SAndroid 2.2.1480 × 320John MacAdam
Samsung Galaxy S4Android 4.4.21920 x 1080Postali

All of the Android, iOS, and Kindle devices also have Adobe Edge Inspect installed on them, so if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription you’ll have an even easier time testing your work out in our lab. We’re planning on putting a video demonstration of how this works together in the near future, but if you’re big into responsive web site development and improved user experience testing, you’ll want to check it out. Additionally, if you’re developing apps for the iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10 or Windows Phone platforms, our lab is also available for OS compatibility testing.

If you already visit The Salt Mines for coworking, take a minute to check out the lab the next time you’re in. If you’re not a coworking member and you’re interested in the lab, you can schedule some time to use it anytime Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm.

We’re excited to offer this resource to the Central Ohio design and developer community. Spread the word so that we can help each other make our work the best it can be!