More on the Expansion

More on the Expansion

Last week, we announced our expansion plans to open a second coworking location a few miles north on High Street, and so far the response has been incredible. A lot of people who have been interested in joining our community have stopped by to check the space out and ask us a bit about our plans. I’m sure there are other people interested in answers to some of these questions, so we thought we’d write up a quick follow-up post addressing what we’ve been asked most often.

Q. Where exactly is this new space?
A. It’s also in Clintonville, just a few miles north of our current space, across from the Park of Roses at 3820 North High Street.

Q. How big is the space.
A. It’s pretty comparable to our existing space, clocking in at around 1,600 square feet. Plenty of room for desks, shared workspace, and a conference area.

Q. As a member, do I need to choose which space I want to work out of?
A. Nope! Any of our members can (and we hope they will!) work out of whichever space suits them on a given day. Of course, members with dedicated desk will have to choose which space they want as their “home base,” but we hope everyone will use both spaces as their needs dictate.

Q. Are membership rates changing with the new space?
A. Rates will be the same as they are now: $200 for Full Time Membership with unlimited use, $120 for Part Time Membership with 3 days a week and 24/7 access, or $60 and $15 for Weekly and Basic memberships, respectively.

Q. I have a team of people interested in space, do you offer any discounts for group memberships?
A. We do offer “add-on” memberships for teams at half off, with a few restrictions:

  1. Add-on memberships must be paid for from the same payment method as the initial full-price membership
  2. All members with add-on memberships must be there primarily working on the same projects and as part of the same team
  3. Because of the limited availability, add-on members are not eligible for dedicated desk upgrades.

Q. What will happen with the device lab?
A. Our device lab, the largest of its kind in the midwest, will remain available to the Central Ohio design and developer community at it’s current location, as always at no charge regardless of membership status.

Q. Can I take a look at the space?
A. Of course! Drop us a note on our contact form and we’ll set something up.

Q. Sounds great, how do I sign up?
A. We’re glad you asked—you can get started by picking your membership level on our coworking page. We can’t wait to have you as part of our community!

The new space officially opens just two weeks from today, so we’re excited to see you here. The space will be in a state of transition up until the opening on August 4, but if you would like to schedule a tour beforehand just let us know and we can set it up!