One Community, Two Addresses

One Community, Two Addresses

Coworking has an energy that’s contagious. We see it every day in our members—independent and remote professionals—who choose to work alongside each other rather than work in their home offices, coffee shops or even private offices. Sometimes though, the energy and excitement reaches outside the immediate community and to the city at large.

Patrick Manley is a local architect who has been in business in the Columbus area for more than 30 years with offices prominently located on High Street across from the Park of Roses. Over the past few years, he has pared his architecture firm back and has found himself with a lot of office and nobody to share it with. Back in May, Patrick gave us a call to let us know that he was really excited about what we’re doing with The Salt Mines and wanted to discuss the possibility of using his space as a second location.


Anyone who has ever worked at a successful coworking space knows that the value of coworking isn’t in the space or the furniture—it’s in the community. So when community is what your focus is all about, multiple locations can present challenges. After looking at Patrick’s space, though, we were excited about the possibilities that two spaces could mean to our community. For one, it would mean being able to re-open membership registration for people interested in permanent desks, which we have been sold out on since February. We hate turning people away who are sincerely interested in working in a community like ours, and more space means more room for Full-Time dedicated desks.

Entry Way

Additionally, while our members universally love the industrial, rough atmosphere we have put together at our existing location, this new office is a lot closer to what some independent professionals expect from an office space. Leather furniture, marble entryway, and a professional eight person conference space make this new location a place anyone would be proud to bring clients and vendors to. The more acoustically-correct layout will also mean a better environment for professionals who need to make phone calls regularly without the worry of interrupting those around them.

Conference Room

So we’re excited to announce that on August 4, we will officially be opening our second office, located at 3820 N. High Street! To celebrate, we’re accepting signups for Full-Time and Part-Time members interested in working at the new space today with a special offer—sign up for your first month today and have Full-Time access to our current space until our opening on August 4. Of course, just because you sign up to work at the new location doesn’t mean you will be restricted to that address; All members of The Salt Mines will be free to use whichever office makes sense for them on any given day, and we really hope we get a lot of movement of members between locations, as we all get to know each other.


We’ll be spending the next three weeks setting up furniture, installing A/V equipment, and otherwise getting the space ready for our community to get to work, so keep an eye here and on our Instagram account for updates. If you’re interested in coworking with us and would like a more formal tour, we’d be happy to show you what we’re working on. Drop us a note on our contact page and we’ll set it up!

We’re excited about all the ways our members will be able to interact at each of our locations, depending on member and event needs. We hope you’ll join us on the next phase of the growth of our incredible community!