Salt Mines Radio

Salt Mines Radio

When it comes to working with music, there are a hundred different preferences for a hundred different people. Some people work with the volume up high while some can’t listen to anything with words. Still others, when they really need to concentrate, can’t have any music on at all. We can all agree, though, that music can make a break your productivity.

headphonesWe understand that at The Salt Mines and try to accomodate different tastes as best as we can through a system we call Salt Mines Radio that runs on one of the iPads in our device lab. Throughout the course of the day, music is randomly queued up from a carefully curated list of artists and albums and played at a reasonable volume. Anyone connected to The Salt Mines’ wireless internet connection can add specific songs to the upcoming playlist, just like a jukebox, by visiting the Salt Mines Radio site at

Occasionally, though, you need a minute or two of quiet to really focus on a project or to take a video conference call with some colleagues, and we get that. If an important call comes in, a quick visit to will automatically drop the volume down to 30% for 15 minutes. If you just want it a little quieter, that can also be done on the main radio web site.

Is this all a little extreme for just listening to music? Maybe. We just want to make The Salt Mines a great place to be productive while listening to the music you like. If you like listening to music while you work, stop in and give coworking with Salt Mines Radio a try.