Full-Time Membership

Each of our membership levels are designed to fit a specific type of person and cover the needs of the way they work and, as the name might imply, our Full-Time Membership is designed to fit the person who needs maximum flexibility and maximum space.

The Full-Time Membership includes access to The Salt Mines all day. We’re not just talking about our regular open hours — Monday through Friday, 9am – 6pm. This is truly all access all the time. With your Full-Time Membership comes your own door code, so you can come and go when inspiration strikes you, whether that’s 6am, midnight, or anywhere in between.

While a lot of business has gone online, many businesses still need to be able to accept mail and shipments at the place where they conduct business. The Salt Mines Full-Time Membership includes mail service, so you can give a physical mailing address to your vendors and customers and know that someone will be here during standard business hours to accept and sign for packages, even if you’re out at a meeting. Additionally, if you’ve got some branding that you’re particularly proud of, the Full-Time Membership includes the option of getting your company name and logo added to the front window, so passers-by will know who you are and what you do.

All businesses occasionally involve collaboration, whether it’s working with an intern, a vendor, or a customer. As a Full-Time member, you can feel free to bring in customers to meet any time you like. You will also be given two daily passes every month to give to others who may be working with you on projects, or just to people you think may be interested in coworking.

The Salt Mines Full-Time Membership really is coworking at its most flexible. Mail service, window signage and guest services are all included in the monthly fee—and we haven’t even mentioned the coffee, kitchen, and Internet services. Depending on availability, the Full-Time Membership also puts you in the position of being able to rent a dedicated desk as they become available. At $200/month, this is the membership that gives you everything you need to work how you want, when you want.

Become a Full-Time Member