Part-Time Membership

Part-Time Membership

There are a lot of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startup professionals who can benefit from a coworking environment, but aren’t quite ready to commit to it 100% every day. Maybe you need to work on-site with a client a couple of days a week, maybe you spend half of your week our meeting with vendors, or maybe you just like working at home part of the time. Our Part-Time Membership is for you.

The Part-Time membership includes twelve days of coworking — about three days a week — that you can use whenever is most convenient for you. Stop in anytime—night or day—and pick a seat at our community table where other local developers, writers, editors, designers, and many other creative professionals work. You’ll have your own access code you can use to let yourself in, so rest easy knowing you’ll have a quiet place to work when you need to.

If you need to go heads-down on a particularly complicated project, grab an individual desk instead. They’re available with easily accessible power outlets so you can plug in, throw on the headphones, and get down to work. When you hit a good stopping point, you can always take a break by the water cooler for some idle chat to clear your head.

The Salt Mines Part-Time Membership is the perfect option for independent and work-from-home professionals who want to work in community but need to be able to work when inspiration hits. Priced at $120/month, with no long-term contract, this is a great way to dig into coworking without a big commitment. Stop by and give us a try.

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