Weekly Membership

Floating Week Membership

The Weekly Membership is for professionals who already have a good work environment that they enjoy, but who want a change of scenery every now and then. It includes five days of coworking that can be used over the course of the month however you like, whether that’s one day each week, a solid week each month, or something in between.

Maybe you have a kick-ass home office setup that you love to work at, but you miss interacting with other professionals over the course of your week. Or maybe you live close to a really great coffee shop — Columbus certainly has lots of awesome coffee shops — but sometimes the unreliable internet and glaring baristas get to you. With our Weekly Membership, you can continue to work in the environment you already love, but still have the opportunity to change up your environment every now and then.

Want a more professional environment to meet clients at? That’s just one more reason to join our community. Give your clients our address and meet with them in the shared conference room, front lounge area, or other shared desks. Meeting in your place of business looks a lot more professional than asking potential clients to meet at coffee shops.

Speaking of coffee shops, how much are you spending there in a given week? $4 per latte (two a day, at least) and $6 for lunch, 5 days in a week? That’s $70 right there! Like all of our memberships, the Weekly Membership includes all the locally roasted coffee you can drink, and access to the kitchenette so you can prepare your own lunches and save a little money.

The Salt Mines Weekly Membership is the perfect supplement to your current work routine, whether it’s working from home, the local coffee shop, or even a traditional office atmosphere. It’s normally priced at $60/month,which is far less than you’ve been paying for those mochaccinos and danishes.

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself what coworking at The Salt Mines is like, and if the Weekly Membership is right for you, stop by and take a look around. We’re open 9am – 6pm and would love to show you around.

Become a Weekly Member