Getting Started

Building access

Every member has a time-coded security code to get into the office. If you’re the first one in, go around to the back door, tap the “Schlage” button and enter your code, and the door will unlock. If it does not unlock, give the main office number (614-859-9559) a call and someone can unlock it remotely.

If you’re the last one out — either for the day or just lunch — please be sure to lock up. Rotate the lock on the front door (give it a push to make sure you got it right) and then tap the “Schlage” button as you leave through the back door. Wait to make sure the green checkmark appears on the lock, and you should be good to go.

Finding a seat

Any of the white desks are up for grabs for any member, as is the lounge area, shared community table, and standing desk bar up front.  The workspace stays pretty quiet during the day, but if you need some extra focus or to make a quick call, feel free to duck back into the conference space as long as it isn’t being used. If you’re interested in a dedicated desk, we do have a limited number of them that we make available to Full-Time members on a seniority basis for an additional $50/month. If that’s something you’re interested in, drop us an email at to get on the list.

Connecting to the Internet

The Salt Mines is equipped with wireless Internet throughout the office. The network is, simply enough, named “The Salt Mines” and you can get the wifi password from your welcome email.


Printing, scanning and photocopying

The office has a wireless all-in-one printer that is available to all members. It also works as a photocopier and scanner. We operate on a “reasonable use” policy; Feel free to use the printer for casual, 5-10 page print jobs as needed. If you find you’re using it for larger jobs, consider picking up a replacement set of ink cartridges for the supply closet.

Phone / video calls

Everyone has phone calls they have to take every now and then, whether it’s a quick 2-minute chat with a friend or a regular, 30-minute Skype call. Like almost everything at The Salt Mines, we operate under a common-sense policy for these sorts of calls. If you’re talking at a normal volume, and don’t mind people overhearing your conversation, feel free to take calls in the office. If your call is going to be longer or more sensitive, you might want to duck back into the conference room. There is no formal booking system for the conference room at the moment, but if you would like to reserve it for a particular time just make a note of it on the whiteboard in the back area.


Most days we’re continually playing music at a moderate volume throughout the office. The music comes from a custom-built app, powered by the Rdio music service. Members in the office can see what’s coming up — and even add specific songs to the queue — through our web interface at

The volume can also be adjusted by anyone from the web interface. Additionally, be sure to bookmark — Visit that site to quickly drop the volume down to 30%, for when you need to take a quick phone call and need it a little quieter. You can visit it again to return it to its normal volume, or just wait 30 minutes for it to return automatically.


Most independent professionals meet with other people occasionally, whether it’s clients, interns, or vendors. One of the benefits of being part of a coworking community like The Salt Mines is having access to a space that’s a bit more professional than your living room or coffee shop. If you plan on meeting someone during normal business hours, just be sure to leave a note at the table you will need so others know not to set up shop there.

Remember, The Salt Mines is your office, so treat it like it’s your own.

Remember, The Salt Mines isn’t just your office, so treat it like you’re a guest.

Workspace Questions

Can I leave my laptop / notepad / equipment here overnight?

If you're a Full-Time member, you can feel free to leave whatever you like—desktop computer, notebooks, pens—at your desk. That desk is yours alone, so you can rest assured that nobody will mess with it. If you're not a Full-Time member and want to leave a few items overnight, we have several lockers in the back area that are free to use. You will need to provide your own padlock, but feel free to claim any empty lockers for your needs. If you have larger items — external monitors or hard drives — that you would like to leave, please check with one of the regulars and we can probably work something out.

Can I bring my own desk / filing cabinet?

If you are a Full-Time Member, feel free to swap out one of the permanent desks with one of your own provided it fits the same basic footprint as the one provided. Talk with one of the regulars about moving things around, and we can probably accommodate you

Can I bring in my own chair?

Absolutely. We're slowly working on upgrading our desk chairs to something more comfortable, but in the meantime it would be awesome if you wanted to contribute your own

Can I move chairs around?

As long as you aren't swiping a chair from a Full-Time permanent desk, feel free to grab whatever chair you feel most comfortable in.

What should I do with my laptop / notepads / bag while I’m out to lunch?

That's really up to you; Most new members are a little reluctant to leave their equipment behind, but most eventually get comfortable with the idea of leaving them set up while they're out. Regardless, the last person out always locks the door, so your equipment should always either be attended by other members or secured by the front door. If you don't want to lug it with you, but you also don't want to leave it unattended, you can always stow it in one of the BYOL (Bring Your Own Lock) lockers in the back area.

Internet etiquette

So far, we’ve done pretty well on a relatively slow business class Internet connection. When the membership use demands it, we’re more than ready to upgrade to a faster speed, but that doesn’t mean we should abuse the connection that we do have. Of course, use the internet for what you need, but try to limit any major usage for early morning or after hours. We’re talking about multi-gigabyte downloads here; If you want to catch an episode of Orange is the New Black on Netflix or stream some music while you’re working, that’s absolutely fine.

If you notice some extreme lag in the connection — especially on a day-to-day basis that may indicate we need to upgrade our service — please let a regular member know so we can investigate.

Meetings and Events

Resource booking

All members should feel free to use the space for whatever events—professional and personal—they need. In order to help facilitate scheduling, please mark off the resources you will need with as much lead time as you possibly can.

Conference Room – The conference room can be booked for client meetings, planning sessions, or just for a single person’s video conference. The space is equipped with a table for up to a dozen people, 46″ LCD TV with ChromeCast, AppleTV, and OUYA hardware. It’s available anytime, and can be booked at our online reservation system.

Workspace – The entire workspace can also be reserved for events weeknights after 6pm (except Tuesday evenings, when we hold Second Shift until midnight) and all day on the weekends. Please, be respectful of the property of Full-Time members and their desks. The workspace can be reserved on our online reservation system. If you need both the Workspace and the conference room, be sure to reserve them both to avoid a conflict.

Food & Drink

Coffee and tea

For some, coffee is the lifeblood of productivity. We keep The Salt Mines stocked in a constant supply of locally roasted coffee, and members are invited to make and consume as much as they need.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being the one to take the last pump from the thermos, take a quick poll around the space to see if people are going to want another pot. There are instructions printed on a card by the coffee station, but if you aren’t quite sure how it works you should feel free to ask one of the other regulars.

If coffee isn’t your thing, we also have a hot water pot that keeps a reserve of water at a constant 208 degrees for tea. There is also a water cooler in the corner by the community table. Stay hydrated!


Eating out can be expensive, so we encourage members to make use of the kitchen we have set up in the back by the conference space. Feel free to keep some food and drink either of the fridges, and use the microwave to prepare whatever you need. Please, though, let’s follow a little common sense etiquette: No microwaving really stinky things, and don’t eat things that aren’t yours. That’s just rude.

Snacks and Drinks

You’ll notice a supply of drinks in the small refrigerator, as well as a pile of bagged chips, nuts, and sweets next to the microwave. Help yourself to a snack if you find yourself a bit peckish — pay what you think is fair, but we suggest a buck. All proceeds from snack and drink sales go toward fun member-related events like Member Lunch and occasional happy hours.


The Salt Mines is everyone’s space, and we depend on everyone to keep it looking good. Whenever you have a few minutes of downtime, take a few minutes to clean up the kitchenette or the bathroom, do some dishes, or sweep the floor. Your fellow coworkers will thank you!

Device Lab

The Salt Mines is the home of Ohio’s first Open Device Lab, which aims to make testing for mobile devices easy and accessible for designers and developers. Working at The Salt Mines means even easier access to this collection of Internet-connected devices, but it does come with a little added responsibility. Mobile phones and tablets are easy targets for theft, so please keep an eye on the lab and if you see something missing and aren’t sure who might have it, don’t hesitate to ask. Also, if you see a device unplugged from the stand, do the next tester a favor and plug it into an available charger so all the devices are ready when they’re needed.